Total plumbing seo case study | Overcome Challenge and increased 90% new traffic

See how Total Plumbing overcomes unique challenges and improves its online presence, increasing website traffic and generating more leads within our effective seo strategy. The results? A 90% organic new traffic, first-page rankings, improved user engagement, and a 60% spike in service inquiries. Success!

Project Overview

Total Plumbing is a fast-growing plumbing company based in Seattle, WA. They are known for their expert plumbing services in residential and commercial areas. 

They faced significant challenges to expand their online presence.  They wanted to establish a strong online presence and increase website traffic to attract local clients. 

Our approach was to understand their business, analyse their online presence, create a winning SEO strategy, and implement it. 

Let’s see the incredible journey.

The Challenge we faced

  • A website that was not optimised for search engines, resulting in poor online visibility.
  • Lack of engaging content tailored to their audience’s needs.
  • The website faced some critical technical errors that caused an indexing issue. 
  • Absence from local search results, such as GBP ( Google business profile) and many other major listing directories, that is essential for a service-based business.

Primary Goals

  • To enhance the website’s SEO for better online visibility.
  • To rank in local search results for plumbing services in seattle
  • To develop a content strategy that resonates with potential customers.
  • Solve the technical error and make the website indexable. 
  • To increase organic traffic and generate more online leads.

Our strategy and Implementation

Website Optimization

The website was overhauled for improved user experience, including mobile optimisation, faster load times, and intuitive navigation.

Keyword Research

conducted comprehensive local keyword research to identify high-impact keywords related to plumbing services.

Local SEO Optimization

Optimized the Google My Business profile and local directories to improve local search visibility.

Create Services Page SEO Strategies

Developed dedicated service pages for each plumbing service offered, making user-friendly layouts and engaging.

Content Strategy Development

Developed a content plan focusing on educational and engaging content around plumbing issues and solutions.

On-Page SEO Enhancements

Implemented on-page SEO tactics, optimizing meta tags, headers, and image alt texts.

Technical SEO Improvements

We optimized the website’s technical issue, solved the indexing problem, and made the website indexable.

Optimize social media profile

 Optimize social media profiles by integrating relevant keywords, posting quality content regularly, and engaging with the audience.

Quality Backlink Building

Acquired backlinks from reputable local business directories and industry-related websites.

Results that we achieved

The SEO campaign significantly transformed Total Plumbing’s online presence, increasing visibility, generating higher traffic, and generating more leads. 

This case study highlights the critical role of comprehensive SEO strategies in the digital success of local service-based businesses. 

If Total Plumbing’s digital success inspires you and wants to improve your online presence, don`t wait! 

Contact with us and get a free SEO audit. We’re ready to analyze your unique challenges and create a winning SEO strategy to boost your online visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads.

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